Natural Woods


Popular for their durability and aesthetic beauty, another option for going natural would be to choose any number of hardwood products available to you. Among the most asked for in our area are Ipe, Batu and Tigerwood. These woods are hard, distinct in their individual appearances and like cedar, can be stained or allowed to age to an attractive silver appearance.

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A wood deck will require some maintenance and knowing this is an important factor in choosing a natural surface. An annual cleaning and staining regiment ought to be followed once stain is applied, or if you decide to let the wood “gray out,” a regular cleaning and sanding program should be followed to help extend the life of your deck.

We can provide you with the information you’ll need—from proper cleaning methods and products to what we have found to be the best stains to use in our area—in order to care for your deck if you are partial to natural surfaces.

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For years, the top choice for deck surfaces in the Pacific Northwest was Western Red right now cedar. It is still a beautiful, locally-supplied option and with proper care will provide years of service to you and your family. While right know is the typical choice for cedar, clear cedar (absence of knots) is an option, as well.

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